31st October 2017 (December 19th): 98/2017 A Random Act of Kindness

Tell us about the time when you performed a secret random act of kindness — where the recipient of your kindness never found out about your good deed. How did the deed go down?

Alright when it comes to secret random act of kindness, I am one of those secret santa clauses that does that unknowingly to others due to the fact that I do not think it is necessary for me to actually show off the deed you have done to others unless it is worth mentioning. This however have both pros and cons on it because pros, it will either help him or her to worry less and cons is they do not see you doing it and treat you as if you are not worth to keep which contribute to another pros to see the true colours of how some people are.

Known random act of kindness happens everywhere everytime as long there is human interaction such as holding the lift/door for people. Sometimes it is just built into the job like concierge duties such as luggage assistance, calling for taxis. Unknown ones are when there is no one to see it such as keeping the desk organised for the next person to take over, preparing items for the next shift, updating things that were left out by others are such examples at work.

Yesterday when I arrived work, I have someone who did a secret random of kindness for me to replace my pin. Whoever that was, I am thankful for your kind act of kindness and I wish I would know who that was so I can personally thank the person directly. In addition, last afternoon shift seems to have me and my workload just a little bit too much to bear that I ended pretty late. I would like to thank my fellow colleagues and I hope today will be a better shift.

I am still bumped about my hard disk which could not appear in any computer for me to retrieve all the items in it. It looks like I have to find a paid source to do it for me. Anybody have any suggestions for an affordable retrievable information service from a spoilt hard disk? If yes please let me know because I really needed it so badly especially all my photos, archives and projects I have done that is irreplaceable.

Tuesday 31st October 2017 1226hrs

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