24th October 2017 (December 18th): 97/2017 Mad as a Hatter

Tell us about a time when you flew into a rage. What is it that made you so incredibly angry?

Ahh a question I got from my colleague yesterday, what a coincidece! Well I have learned to not flew into a rage and keep anger right under my belt. It takes lots of skills to break this patience of mine to just blow up in anger. Trust me you do not want to see me in a rage because if I do, it would not be pretty. I realised that the last time and the times I actually became a loose canon and flew into a rage, I ended up crying. Yes, I will end up in tears because I have no idea what came over me that I behave that way. Weird I know.

Previously I have a guest who irritate me with questions after questions when I am handling it one by one. I actually felt I lost my patience though but my colleague did not agree as I was still quite polite and cool. Well how am I able to keep cool? Well I have no idea but I know that you would not want me to lose my coolness because I will not able to control anymore and I will just rip you like an Incredible Hulk. Ah now I know why that superhero was associated to me in my previous workplace.

I resolve anger pretty quickly which I feel that is my plus points I have. However, I get pretty flustered easily. I am also more to thinking why some people have to behave that way and when I get ill treated, I tend to be easily disappointed by the situation rather than being angry/petty about it. Sometimes I wonder, was it me that the other party behave that way. I will just get teary but I will be back to normal afterwards.

The one time when I really cut loose was when I was back in school when I punched my classmate for irritate the hell out of me with water parading on him. I was so angry that I do not know what came up over me. My hands were literally shaking during the lesson and I felt so sucky and after that lesson, I just broke into tears dissappointed on what I did. Well I guess it is true quiet people flew into rage is indeed your worst nightmare.

Tuesday 24th October 2017 1222hrs

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