17th October 2017 (December 17th): 96/2017 You’re the Mean One, Mr. Grinch

What is your least favorite personal quality in others? Extra points for sharing your least favorite personal quality in yourself.

Woo a post to rant all the negativity about people I have encountered with. Before I start, in any case that any of the things mentioned here is somehow related, it is just purely coincidental and not directed at you. One thing for sure is I do easily see good things about others much more than I see in myself. In addition even if I do not like some qualities others, I have learn to accept and work with it because after all I am not perfect myself.

One of my least favourite personal quality in others is the demanding expect and just because they are filthy rich, the level of arrogance in them treat everybody else they come across as lower class. It then make them to be unreasonable and rude which is very sad to see especially if you come across one yourself. You just wish him or her to wake up before everything they have come draining down to limited stocks they could ever had left.

No matter how much I accept criticisms about myself as a way to improve. I do actually listen and acknowledge suggestions and advices however it usually depending on whether it is needed to change myself completely or not. Usually for work, it is rather easier for me to improve or change because it does not really conflict with your character or personal life. However if the problem got to do with changing who I am as a person, I think it is a little too much off.

My last shift before my 2 days off tomorrow. This stretch got to be the most hardest pill for me to swallow in addition that I am not well and I have been ending work really late. I seem to be quite slow in completing my tasks and I seem to be overwhelm with what is happening at work. A few stumble of difficult guests and unwanted peer pressure and unnecessary inconvenience but the most rewarding is to serve easy guests with good feedback and encouragement of some colleagues that really make your day worth. The question now no matter how much high tolerance and positivity I have, it just come to the fact that I am human and the breaking point have hit the ceiling yesterday. Am I ever going to be good enough because lately something is not going well with me. Hope for a good shift today.

Tuesday 17th October 2017 1038hrs

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