Good Afternoon Wednesday! So firstly, I would like to thank my secondary school buddies for the celebration last Monday Evening. And yes Shanky once again, I love the card you guys made and the dinner at Spize with the birthday cake. I am waiting for your wishes boarding passes πŸ˜‰

The feeling of starting over in a new environment can be either easy or hard depending on how the situation is. The reason why I am hired also is either they want to fill up the missing manpower or am I really worth of what they are looking for. It is actually really easy for me to adapt but well I guess I just do not know if I feel accepted or not. And yea my character starts to be questioned but hey I am doing my best to be someone I am not at the end of the day.

30th August 2017 (December 2nd): 80/2017 No You See Me

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and dis- appear at will.

The ability to appear and disappear at will is like a superpower that is not really beneficial. Why would one wants to appear or disappear unless we are catching a criminal doing unlawful activities or being undercover for some good reason. Other than that, other situations to avoid disputes, accidents or what not is also beneficial in a way. However running away from problems by appearing and disappearing whenever you feel like it would not make any difference because doing that is not solving anything.

When and where will you use this new super- power? Tell us a story.

I will definitely use this power to help people from getting into accidents such as traffic. If there is a boy going to get hit by a car, take him and disappear so that nobody gets hurt. If someone tries to do anything unlawful like robbery or something, I will be the ghost to appear and disappear accordingly so that he or she gets scared. I dont know what I am talking about anyway to use this superpower effectively. Besides, there are people who has that power if you realise who disappears and appears of where and when he/she likes.

They appear like seasons like if they need you, they appear and look for you and when they are done, they disappear once again. I might be guilty of doing that but I do not do that to get something though, I am just busy with my life priortising things and besides its two way thing if the other party does not, it simply says they are busy too.

Okay I am being a bit annoyed of people who ask you out on your off day but expect you to think of something to do. I mean the reason why I go is to chill from my normal work days and if you expect more, I mean you get what you get in the first place of asking me out? I am that boring trust me so beware people. I dont mind of things are decided together than having no communication at all and it becomes my fault? Well done.

Wednesday 30th August 2017 1547hrs


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