14th August 2017 (November 29th): 76/2017 Humble Pie

Tell us about a time you found out after the fact that you’d been mistaken and you had to eat a serving of humble pie.

Being humble is one of my greatest gifts I would say I ever had when it comes to my character building. I am easily humbled by experiences and see different possibilities and outcomes at every situation that happen noting all the negativity and pulling out all the positivity as a learning journey to share.

A recent discovery that never crossed my mind is to see a person you care about self inflict himself based on a failed relationship. It is so frustrating to see how a person who shares all the negative influence about the relationship and thinks that it is still based on love. This is where I have to eat a serving humble pie because all the steps we took to help to break away from the mess he is in just came crawling back to him. However, of course if he self inflicts once more, I am going forward to do something much more because he clearly needs help. As for now we just watch him go through the same old cycle and try to be ignorant about his choice of love life. Of course I would want to believe what he is doing is worth despite seeing it all going wrong again but hey I am a guy with positivity so I keep my options to see something out of this situation will find him something worth it.

Ever thought of technology is a click away towards everything? Apparently I was wrong as I figured some people needs more than the technological convenience that is being physically there. I am a person who is like a simple piece of blank paper that means I am easily happy with what I have even though people might think im lonely but I am not. I am blessed to have full support from my loved ones of family and closed friends even if the phone does not ring texts, I am actually quite fine with that because the heart to know they are still there when I needed them and I clearly understand that we are living our lives the best we can.

However that whole changed with some people I experience who needs attention that is far above of what I could provide and it sucks to know that they will think it is my fault who do not even care to give a text to find out how they are doing or self update on how I was doing. They felt that my lack of communication meant I less cared about them and have moved on which clearly it is not true because like again I am a guy a simple as a blank piece of paper, I welcome people to talk to me as much as they want to and I would share myself within how much I received and comfortable with and of course if you try to force someone to write that blank piece of paper that we had, the paper will be slowly be torn into pieces and that is how some relationships gets further apart.

As much I might be mistaken and have to be served a humble pie on those issues I raised before a couple of things with my loved ones, sometimes understanding how the person is like and try not to force someone they are not is the best approach you can take to show a little respect, appreciation and acceptance that we are taken the way we are and should give and take to make things work for us. Now that is what true friendship is and I thank to all those dearly friends who have stick with me till today like how families are tight with blood.

Monday 14th August 2017 1151hrs


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