13th August 2017 (November 28th): 75/2017 Keeping up with the Jones

Tell us about the one luxury item you wish you could afford, in as much detail as you can. Paint a picture for us.

So I have been active blogging because yes indeed I have the free time to do so. And one of the random topics of conversation today I had was about how you feel about your own country. I must say I am blessed on being born and raised in Singapore despite the high cost of living, high tolerance, security and cleanliness is definitely there to make you feel home. However even if I was born on a less developed country, I will still be happy on how much of being alive to experience feel like because indeed as long you are alive, no matter what challenges comes in your way, it means you are able to live with it and it is just how you want to handle it. I saw one quote my friend posted which I would like to share is the good you see how life is from the people and experiences you have even if it is that bad will reflect the good you have in yourself.

And the conversion leads to also whether I prefer having a huge salary with huge payment each time or a small salary with small payment. My answer and people might think I’m lying but I am not is I prefer a small salary with small payment. Let me tell you why; if you have a huge salary with so many things to take care will it be more stressful if you have less salary with fewer things to take care of? Some may argue but having a huge salary, you can simply buy everything you want. Yes it is true but you have much more responsibility to take care of and that is why we have a balanced life. I would rather pick if this is an option to have a huge salary but fewer things to take care of and it is simply harder though.

And then the conversation leads to if you have so much money like a lottery or something, will you stop working? Of course not, I still want to work so that my learning experience will keep going which money cannot buy your life full experience. And another question with this prompt, will you get and buy branded and luxury stuff. 

The answer is NO. I do not really go for the brand or whether the brand is luxury or not, it is more of whether the item is usable or not. Of course if I have given a choice to own a luxury item, I really have no idea actually. I do not know what luxury item is worth having or not. And yes there is some who say to own and sell but hey I do not usually do that. I prefer to use things till it got broke and get a new one.

And also tips for people who I say no need to get presents at all, please ah luxury items is a waste for me because I am not into brands despite yes you might see me in branded goods most of the time but trust me it is not about the brand really. The company is worth the presents.

Sunday 13th August 2017 2124hrs


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