12th August 2017 (November 26th): 73/2017 To Boldly Go… 

An impending new year gives rise to reflection and goal setting. What will your goals for your 25th chapter be? It’s never too early to start thinking about self-improvement!

So the prompt was for a goal for a brand new year and that will be in 2018? Well come on, it is still August and since I am turning 25 this coming 25th, how about changing the prompt to a brand new year of a chapter of existence to my year of turning 25.

I have actually been preparing myself for this chapter from a job switch to a 5 days workweek to owning my decisions not thinking of what others have to say. I also try my best to stay out of making mistakes as much as possible too. So what are my goals of turning a quarter of a century?

Indeed I am not getting any younger so to find a job stability is really important for me and also looking at what I love doing as well. As I just confirm a job that is starting 4 days before my 25th chapter, I am sure this new chapter of mine is going to be great. Yes I always hope for the best and the positivity in me will not end although when I start, I might complain here and there. I guess it is normal for people who loves off days rather than work but hey it’s a 2 days off for me this time around so more planning of a work life balance is simply there! 

I have trips already been set to plan this 25th Chapter with a confirmed return trip to Bandung this coming December with family and also other might return trip plans to Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. Also not forgetting a maybe new place and country to visit like Taipei, Taiwan and Perth, Australia and possibly a return trip to India but exploring a brand new city.

Blogging each single day is not the best idea to set since I failed at that miserably making that goal happen every year. So blogging will probably be the same of posting whenever I can. Food images seem to be appearing lesser now in my Instagram and it is not because I have less outings but I do have a lot of outings I do not even post either. I guess just having the company. I am starting to throwback pictures with random quotes of experience to share.

Other things like Sleeping at an even timing will always be a problem since I am always and prefer working shifts but I will try to be less distracted if I need to sleep for a productive day. Eating right and healthy will be also part of my goal especially drinking water at the start and end of the day. Praying 5 times a day also will be the best plan despite hard to commit but at least I get it that done the end of the day.

Saturday 12th August 1342hrs


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