11th August 2017 (November 25th): 72/2017 Simply Irresistable

Tell us about the favorite dish or food that you simply can- not turn down.

ICE CREAM. I am more towards a dessert guy sweet tooth especially when it comes to ice cream and fruits. I prefer to have those 2 on top of everything else served to me. In a course meal, I also usually look out for the end of the night desserts and also of course how the presentation of the courses are served.

Home cooked food are usually food that are simply the best of comfort food you could ever had because it was cooked at home and with such personalized as in not for many people but just for your home. I think one of my specialities which my loved ones and friends usually look forward to is my shepherd’s pie, a recipe straight from a home economics book which is now stored in my head with your own twist and turns to make your signature heard.

Food is one of those that will make you happy especially if it is free, when you are hungry, something new, a spread buffet and type of functions. Although sometimes, people are going through a strict diet based on wanting to loose weight, diabetic or simply a healthier choice of food intake. I am one of those who persuade people to have some food and eat together however when it comes to me being the guest/customer, I can be quite picky or just could not take a lot of food due to having a great company with me.

I been in those situations where I am being pushed to have more or eat some more and I have some tips to share if those people who offer you and you kindly try to push it. Instead of them taking for you, you take it by yourself. I find it very dangerous if someone takes food for me because you never know how much food are they going to put on your plate and the scariest part is what happens if you could not finish or it is not that good as how it sounded. However out of nowhere, they just put more serving without asking or you knowing, you can simply play it as if you want to share with another person or push the food at the side as if you have tried to finish and consume it all.

I am also one of those who love trying new food places without going against my religion of being HALAL certified or simply halal ingredients. It would be damn easy if the place is halal certified or owned by a Muslim but in some situations such as an ice cream shop, although some with alcohol content, you can simply eat the ones that are not.

 Nonetheless, food is a universal thing and many will experience food on their own way. I used to keep snapping pictures on food every time on Instagram till I get bored of it as sometimes I do visit the same place again and having a repetitive picture can be unnecessary. Oh yes random, since Westgate Four Fingers have been long gone, I am craving for them now ever since it is closed down. 

Friday, 11th August 2017 2241hrs


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