8th August 2017 (November 23rd ): 70/2017 I have Confidence in Me

So bring out the music, good news is out. I got a job confirmation starting this 21st August 2017. What an advance birthday present ever to have this 25th chapter. I followed my instincts and I hope for this one I got out of the 4 interviews I went and I got what I wanted. Alhamdulilah.

Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at?

I am pretty sure I am pretty good with dealing with people and that is why I stick to my roots on service jobs in the hospitality/Tourism jobs representing the country in the service industry. I am not just a person who can serve tourists but also local people on a service level which as long they are satisfied, it will be damn rewarding for me as well.

I guess among how much I feel I am good at, there is always space for self-improvement because after all we are all humans and none of us are perfect or flawless. We do constantly have space to improve ourselves from knowledgeable facts or life-long learning skills. As for me, I am always looking forward to improve myself each day whether through new learning knowledge or learning morals from people’s experiences.

Today I was given a prep talk about self upgrading myself to a degree which mostly some of others think the same way about me however no matter how much respected their advice on taking a degree will definitely help me in gaining much more and be in a better paying job and role, passion on sticking to what you love most matters the most, I feel having a degree will help in the future only if you are in a stable career that can help you up your step further with the experiences you have. I would not want to waste that investment on having a degree and at the end of the day work in something that I don’t utilize on the degree itself.

I believe every mother wants their best for their kids and so far my mother has been happy and have no issues with both her children life career choices because she never complains to us about it. Although I do hear it from others that “your mom told me this this and that about us”, we can take it in a perspective but we cannot just follow what others say because our mother herself did not say it.

Simply said, my sister and I knows our mother is not like other mothers and the relationship she has with us is dearly appreciated with the freedom to choose and decide on our individual career paths. As a single parent, she have thought us on how to be independent and at the end of the day choose and decide for ourselves on what we want to live by and whether it makes us happy. We have a special bond between our family and I would not trade anything for that.

That is where my confidence in me rise because I CHOSE what I want to do and I STICK with what I love and I would never blame anyone for it because at the end of the day it was my decision and how I live my life and I want my kids to know that if I were to have them someday with my unknown wife in the future. And with the support of my dear loved ones from family to close tight friends, my confidence on how I handle my own life will not happen without their presence and constant reminders on some things.

Last but not least, I am a people person and that means I am that kid who helps people and pleases people as much as possible with of course making sure I am in the right state of mind. Of course, how some people use me as an advantage would be a learning lesson for me instead but at the same time I always want them to be in a good state because helping people is what I do best although the benfits I am going to have would not be an obvious one.

So be confident on taking on your own life journey and do not let anyone bring you down but of course, you need to play smart if it doesn’t seem to work, you can play a route and come back to it later. To end this post, how about a song from Demi Lovato’s “Confident”.

8th August 2017 1721hrs


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