Happy Saturday! This coming weekend seems to be my last weekend jobless, it is just my gut but I might be wrong. My sister is on a holiday weekend over at Kuala Lumpur and I am just chilling over at home with tv series and movies. Some people are just curious how I am surviving and probably being picky with my job choosing this time. 

Yes I am really picky because firstly I am turning 25 and I want to find a long term job this time revolving around a 5 days work week and a paying job that is not below the market rate with the diploma qualifications I have as well as the customer service I obtained so far. So it is definitely a time where I could possibly wait out to find a job that not just fit to my terms but my passsion about people interaction in the service industry such as Hospitality and Tourism.  

And that explains on my poem I posted the other day of not being rich or royal and just save like any other. I learn to prioritise what is needed and after all of us seems to come from the same origin called a human race. Yes we planned things and sometimes it did not happen as life takes over but it is okay to take the fall and keep going with the best you can. And for my life with this job choosing period of what I need and love, I am willing to go for what I have in mind and want to show people to go for the things you want and not shortage yourself with what you are not worth as you are worth much more. However, if the time comes when there is no other way, you can take a detour to go through a phase and come back to the dream you have at first.

 I am not rich nor royal
I just save enough just like normal
Everybody’s infinite grandparents seems to be the same
Is it Adam and Eve I proclaim?
There are some things I could not have
Well that is life so it is not that bad
Dreams never come to late
Chase it for we wont regret
I am just living my life the best way that i can

 Anyway I am still not sure what will be happening with my 25th chapter but I sure know that whatever it is, I will be the one deciding and driving my state and not what others think I should or should not do. It is nice having people to help you with advice and options but at the same time, I will just go with what I feel is me. Besides, if people who wants to judge me for my own life, I will take it with open arms because if that is how you perceive me to be then that is how you think and reflect yourself too. At the end of the day, I know what I am doing and that is all that matters.

Saturday 5th August 2017 1839hrs


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