1st August 2017 (22nd Nov): 68/2017 Playtime

Another brand new week and I am still in jobless mode. However I do have interviews that I have went and I am going to so I am guessing that a confirmation JOB is coming around the corner. Also, I have been applying tons of other jobs too so I will see which 5 day work week job will grab me first.  

“Fetish’” by Selena Gomez is currently my favourite song playing on repeat on my most updated song till date. The song seems to be about an obsession of a complicated love. Anyway, with the gorgeous Selena Gomez baby face, who would not fall in love everything about her?

Do you play in your daily life? What says “playtime” to you?

Playtime to me is very important in our daily lives to have a work life balance as playtime means having time for yourself to enjoy not having much stress or worries to begin with. If you do not have some playtime each day, your life is just going to be work home eat sleep.

I do play in my daily life from having my favourite TV shows on schedule, listening to music to and fro during my journeys, blog whenever I could to share what my thoughts are on some things, spending time with my loved ones which includes family and dear friends over food and activities, some time to sweat out with small static workouts in my room and many more.

And with playtime have increased during my jobless period, I have kept my playtime in watching random movies on FOX Movies, definitely more workout time whether playing some badminton which I am not good at with my dear friends or static workouts in my room, I have some time to be planning what to do or search for holiday destinations. Applying jobs are also part of my playtime during this period despite not much confirmation whether I will be getting a job soon or not. Freelance and planning of outings or reports or organize small projects is also my hobby activity this period.

All right this is all for the period ending in July and a start to my born month of August. Tomorrrow or later it seems to be another interview with another 5 star hotel One Farer Hotel and Spa as a Guest Relation Officer, wish me luck and hope it will turn out well. I will just do my best and of course you will expect for a good outcome but if it does not, at least you know you have given all of you on the table during the interview. Do not ever short change yourself or lie to impress because it would not work either. As much as I hate waiting games of no confirmation of what is happening next in my life I hope for good things to happen for this 25th Chapter of my life. Insha Allah Amin.

1st August 2017 0004hrs


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