20th November 2016: 325/366 Safety First

Happy Thursday! So the throat is getting better and I just caught Dejavu on tv. It is interrsting if there is actually such devices that can go through time and possibly change the future. However one thing is for sure, if we are meant to go, we will go eventually.

Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

“Safety” according to the Dictionary is the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury. Safety to me is feeling of being secure, nothing bad will happen and everything will be alright soon. That’s what being safe feels.

The feeling of being ‘unsafe’ is the opposite of what is called safe. You will see things that are not supposed to be there is there. You will smell bad an odour of somebody is dead or gas fumes that are high. You feel uncomfortable that you do not want to sty around and get out as fast as you could. You will hear sounds that are strange. You will taste something peculiar even you are not eating, you can taste it. That is all contribute to times you feel unsafe.

 I do not have any particular time where I feel that I am not safe because I always feel that I am in a safe place, in a safe state I would say. Even though there are times where there are bad situations that happened to me however I still feel safe because things will be okay. I have the sense of belonging, protected somehow and if something bad is going to happen, it will happen eventually and it is how you are going to handle it or prevent from it getting worst.

Last year in Kuala Lumpur where my carelessness plus the bad intention of the driver was the day I felt unsafe. I lost my phone together with my credit cards and everything that is in there. Honestly, that is like a holiday gone wrong, you not just left your phone but you know it and you want to stop the taxi but the taxi just dashed with me wanting to stop it. That is the worst feeling I had throughout the day. The zoo didn’t happen instead I was hoping a miracle is going to happen but it did not. I did not do much the next few days and lucky for me a friend of mine gave me his spare phone for me to contact home. I still have the spare phone with me and I am going back one day to return to him but not sure when exactly yet. But yeah, the feeling was crappy and I have to live with what I have at the moment till I head home. I know I would be safe but my security of the most important items at that point was all gone. However lesson learn to not use taxis there but Grab/Uber or public transport that will be a safer choice to ride in Kuala Lumpur.

Thursday 20th July 2017 1556hrs


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