Good Morning last day in India, Jaipur day 7! We reached at the midnight of 0230hrs and looks like the bull from Agra at the station followed us home. Here’s a side ghost story telling, after checking in to our hotel and after washing up and me waited for my morning prayer and finish it. We went to sleep and to was about 0430hrs. It felt like it’s a dream in a dream. I was awoken by a dream of being chase of a bull with red eyes but I was not literally awake, I could not move, there was this flying black man figure dressed in white taunting and it was literally flying on the top of my friend Hafiz but he did not realise I was looking at him and after wards out of nowhere, he turned and chased after something and it feels I slept back and awoke from the dream and the time was literally like in the 4 to 5 in the midnight range and it shows I didn’t sleep that long although it felt so long. The next day in the evening, Hafiz informed that he had a weird dream about a bull chasing him and I was like me too but I didn’t told him what else I dream flying above him. Forward back to Singapore, I was curious to know what that creature is so I keep thinking about that dream and indeed I dreamt it back but this time I was like a CCTV watching the whole scene but only this time remember the thing turned back and chased after? That thing he was chasing after was me, and I shouted wake up and I saw myself awake and I woke up after. How can I be in that room 2 times? Time Travel? Only God Knows. 

So after that first time real ghostly experience I had in the room of Hotel Ratnawali. The girls did not have any weird dreams though. The room is actually quite alright facing this tank like as if we are in a music video. As that whole day is dedicated to shop till we drop on our last day in India, we started our day with….

A scrumptious breakfast! Our lAST Breakfast in india was a good spread mix of everything from parathas, cereal, fruits and the white flour cakes. Potatoes, noodles and curry as well tasted nice. As it was a heavy breakfast, should cover a bit of our lunch and gives us energy for shopping and walking. 

So before coming to these intersection turning point of taking the exterior iconic building of Hawa Mahal, we came across a food shop where we bought all the goodies from murukku, popadoms and anything you can think of that screams India and drop our food shopping there to walk further and shop more and take this photo surveying shops. 

It was friday so we saw people just ended Friday Prayers at a mosque with all of them dressing in white, colour code? We also came across this street where you can get your wedding fabrics. So if anyone want to get married and you need some India inspired fabrics, here you are!

That stare when bought packets of sugar cane which turned all 4 of us to visit the toilet after that which teaches us to never buy something our stomach could not take. lucky for us that we drank at the hotel where the toilets are ready anytime if not I think we might have our pants turned into diapers. 

So after having our last dinner and getting fresh mangoes to bring back to Singapore which is a mistake though because mangoes are fruits when in pressure up in the air will be compressed and therefore will turn sour although how sweet smelling it is. Oh yes, please be early for check in as there are like 2 times check on our bags and yes they use the Mustaffa’s wire so that we won’t put anymore items in. If you have long names like mine and the girls, be prepared to wait longer too. Most of the shops were closed too, oh well it’s midnight so yeah. 

So that’s my India Trip to the area of Rajasthan for you. The last trip before another trip happening with family in December back to Bandung. Oh yes not forgetting the people who make the India trip an unforgettable experience as well and thank you to the main planner Radyia too! As we nearing Singapore, this sunrise moment was so awe, I feel like having my painting art lesson on the plane. 

So here back in Singapore, a shameless selfie at the airport clean toilet with how I look after spending 7 days In India. I think this is like the most tanned I could be and yes Singlets with suspenders do kind of attracting attention but oh well I love to dress crazy weird sometimes. Unique and not dress like this all the time right? 

18th July 2017, Tuesday 1701hrs


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