Hello Agra, the city on the river banks of the  Yamuna River. Who would not know that what this place is famous for? The beautiful Taj Mahal below. Yes finally it is right in front of my eyes, it is beautiful as the picture is below despite the renovation that has been there since last year.

Taj Mahal – Both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the monument stands for the testament of love from Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan constructed this white marble wonder in 1632 for his queen, Mumtaz Mahal. And simply we were approach by one of those photographers to shot us with Taj Mahal. Once taken, of course we kind of get it at the end in individual photo book and a soft copy of all our pictures which is now quite worth. Modelling career in the making?

So India is also full of handicrafts with jewelry and stones. Marble which is perfect with light transparency is crafted in with intricate designs ans usage of stones for their representative colours. I tried and wanted to buy a marble tray for my mummy and it costs a bomb so since its overbudget, i will not proceed.

Agra Fort is next on our list of places to go. Another highlight of Agra is filled with these architectural designs of walls and outer window panes. This is the last fort for the whole trip and I think the second largest after the one we went in Jodhpur. Every angle we are, Taj Mahal is within sight.

We ask our driver to bring us to a local place to have lunch and unfortunatelynhe did not get the memo and brought us to a restaurant which we did not seem to enjoy much but did someone suggest free wifi?

We have other places we roam around and one of them is this place so called named Baby Touch; a mini version of Taj Mahal which includes two royal tombs in it. This is also a great opportunity photo spot with little adventurer.

Evening sunsets overlooking Taj Mahal never gets old. Well despite it is my only time there, it is a nice park to chill and relax looking at Taj Mahal right in front of you. Actually I have no idea if the sunset does have any effect on the Taj Mahal though. Oh yes the park is where the king who wanted to build his blackbmonument however was stopped to not waste any further money unnecessarily.

Finally he brought us to a local restaurant and we had the Rajasthan’s favourite Thali for dinner. We thought we were late for our train so we kinda wanna scurry through but driver say okay so should be alright I guess?

Once again to no surprise, our train got delayed. Actually most of the time our train was not exactly on time and always not on scheduled but just in case once in a blue moon it does get scheduled or on time; please come early than the time is stated. As this was the last train ride back to Jaipur, i thin of all the train rides the most worst experience is our first ride from Jaipur to Jaisalmer and the wifi kinda low so be prepared. So blur selfie in our last train to sleep. Till the next post of the last day Jaipur Day 7!

15th July 2017 0137hrs


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