Good Morning Friday! So before I head to my next India Post in Agra of Day 6, there is this question many people kept asking me, am I resigning? 
Yes I am leaving my failed attempt in doing Trainee Cargo Coordinator in Sats Ltd. After a month and a half going for training and observing how the job works, no matter how straight forward the job actually is, this job does not fit me. Some people think that I can actually work just about anywhere, it’s true however if we have more negative factors over postive ones, the job fit will automatically cut you loose one day which it did for me. 

One major problem was the time, 1/6 of the time of the day used was travelling to and fro from work with some shifts that you do not have any personal time and enough rest for yourself which is actually really important.

Accessability is also another issue for the ones using public transport and with me staying at the way west heading to the East already takes you about an hour plus ish, and with the nearest train station taking one of the 3 busses to the work place takes another 30 to 45 minutes. I think if the job is situated right at the airport, the time spent will be much shorter as we have MRT and busses to go just about anywhere. So if you dont have your own transport, this might be a problem for you. 

On top of all, the job lane does not scream me despite me adapting to the environment understanding the job and the colleagues I am working with. I choose to try a sudden change of industry  and despite the money you will get as allowances are really high on top of your basic, what really make me passion about work is to serve people with customer service skills that I already have. 

My advice to my fellow friends and acquaintances and to whoever; is to do what makes you feel happy. You can explore something different but you have to be able to cope so that you would not go insane. I rather have you voice out your difficulties rather than have you suffer throughout the process. 

Oh in addition I am turning 25 and that is a quarter of a century and I am looking for a balance permanent lifestyle that includes a 5 day work week (Shift or Non-Shift) and most importantly something I love doing. Money can be replenished however time cannot be replaced. 

I just came in

I gave myself something new

Keeping an open mind

The present nature is actually quite fine

Straight forward it seems out of my lane

The shifts though is actually driving me insane 

The distance is troublesome I admit

Fatigue goes up 

Moral goes down

Im underwhelmed

Money is not everything indeed

Time is that precious

New Opportunities appeared on time

What am I doing here?

Im finding my way out 

To be that Somebody’s Me Someday


7th July 2017 1159hrs


One thought on “61/2017 Out of Place

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