Good Morning Day 5 in Jodhpur! That Fort there is our main visit today at the second largest city of Rajasthan,  The Blue City of Jodhpur! Unfortunately the sunrise was block over the other side but we still manage to enjoy the sight and smell of the morning blues of this historic place.


So in Jodhpur, our staycation there was The Blue House Guest House. For a night stay, it is not that bad.  Here we have a TV finally to see what kind of entertainment is there to offer for us to experience. We have their music on the background and it is actually not bad, I do enjoy some songs with one particular song playing on replay.

So we actually walk all the way from our accommodation up to the fort. With the heat, it is quite a workout too with high slopes. It was also a maze getting here , where we got to the wrong end that we almost get barked and a closed call chased by dogs. Also, here is where patience is tested among all 4 of us, For me I am doing quite fine but I kind of feel a little of tension between 2 of my friends but at the end once we are finally up, we made it normal doing our own tour with our headsets.

Above is the price list for those who are coming here as of May 2017. The headphones is complimentary so be sure to take them however we have to deposit one of our identification so that we will return the headsets at the end of the tour. Of course, a selfie helps with headphones. I look pretty great unshaven to be honest.

I love this shot of a family in their own traditional clothing posing with two Chinese tourists in traditional clothes too. This shows how even a language barrier can bond understanding between one another. No doubt, this Mehrangarh Fort is one of the largest and ‘must visit’ places in Jodhpur. The history packed in the audio throughout the huge fort and the architecture was breathtaking and awe inspiring. Oh and a little side fact; the movie: The Dark Knight Rises was also shot here.

As we are done with the fort, hot, hungry we were and Jodhpur was surprisingly a bit of humidity because I kinda sweat so much first time ever throughout the last 5 days in India. As we head to the clock tower to find food, we got some snack food of a delicious filing curry puffs which I crave ever since I tasted it. I wanted to get more but the rest doesn’t seem to want to buy more so I just enjoyed the one I had the most.

If you want to get local tea leaves from the clock tower premises, this is the place to go get them, it is so popular that people come and go to get the tea leaves. Speaking of which, I have no idea if my maid made them though. Even the masala I didn’t see her doing it either.

I guess this Clock Tower is a famous landmark in the Old City the than the not invisible fort. Sardar Market is situated around the premises and after the Clock Tower where a wide range of products such as our pasar malam garage sale of household items, saris, spices, vegetables and what local will buy. I am still thinking about the curry puff at this hour. It is that delicious.

So that is about it our day in Jodhpur, we took an overnight train heading to Agra next which will be the next post of day 6. I make it a point to finish this post today after archiving all my posts I made for 2017 to sum it up 60 posts published so far up to today  in July.

7th July 2017 0051hrs.

Sidenote; Happy 84th Birthday Nyai!


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