Meow! Good Morning Day 4 of India; still in this beautiful favourite city of Jaisalmer. It is my last day with this cute grumpy cat of mine overlooking from the highest point of the fort  of the city of Jaisalmer. Ahh I am going to miss this place, even I am writing this day 4 I alredy missed this city and my cat. Eh my cat for 3 days. 

On that day, the plan was an explore shopping day. India is well known for their fabrics and medieval handcrafted designs like the one below. Beads, mirrors, elements all hand sewn and crafted into the fabric designs. It is believed the longer the design is, the more expensive it gets. 

Jaisalmer has a very dry climate so when it is summer like the time we went, it was really hot and dry at the same time which it is good rather than hot and humid which you will dehydrate much faster. Here some of our noses bleed due to the heat and that is why it is very important to hydrate yourself. Don’t mind me showing off a bit below. Oh and water heater don’t need to bother much, hot or cold, it is pretty much similar,

Scarlett was my room with Hafiz for the 3 days we are here in Jaisalmer and I would not mind staying here again if I were to visit Jaisalmeer again. Room is great, breakfast is awesome, view is definitely spectacular, price is not bad as well, hospitality is good too surrounding this particular guy who always assist us throughout our stay. Besides it is not a major hotel with many rooms, it is just consist of 6 to 8 theme rooms? And it was just us 4 throughout our stay.  Oh most important water is complimentary so come and stay at Hotel garh jaisal haveli.

The designs on fabrics does not only on fabric but on bags, carpets, and basically anything. This is like their signature design. And if you are looking at buying things cheap, shop on your own on the streets of Jaisalmer rather than going with a guide or recommendation by referrals of others which they will bring out all types of things and entice you to buy them at a very high cost.

Below is the Lassi we go at one of those speciality Lassi shops, the Lassi is I this the royal one with so much ingredients and it is so filing that I could not finish. Be sure not to take with Marijuana, that is a drug. Lucky he ask us with or without or else all 4 of us will become drug addicts. I mean why put drugs on nice foods like this?

After Radyia got amazed with the Lassi Man Shop Readings on her, she decided to do some henna. We found a shop to do it for her while she and Hafiz bought Henna as well to bring back and it is indeed cheaper here in India. Well, I don’t even know who to get it for so I skipped.

This the family that helped to do the Henna for Radyia and look at all those bangles at the shop. This is one of those festive shops I guess. Mariyya took a shot of them while they are hoping to get a postcard all the way from Singapore with their picture in it. Hmm I guess that is not happening.

As we nearing the final hours in Jaisalmer, the one of its kind in India, the living fortress of the Thar dessert with the colour palette of sandstones all over the city. People are definitely 80% friendly here with great hospitality when we visit their shops. Architecture is really raw here with basically everything made from sand stones of the olden times, of course there are some houses who upgrade itself with cement. however detail wise of the houses is there.

So that’s it for Jaisalmer, although it is one of those beautiful cities I ever visited, there are still many places in Rajasthan, India to explore. The land of Kings is something that definitely full of castles, forts and palaces to explore which we do not really have in Singapore. Below is our names for our upcoming train ride to Jodhpur.

As we arrived the late night of Jodhpur, we are excited to see what is free and easy for us to explore later in the day of the next post Jodhpur Day 5. I know the next post will take awhile but I will do my best to update the next and get this India Experience of mine a close chapter for other posts of what is happening in my life.

Sunday 2nd July 2017, 1410hrs

Oh a shout out Happy Birthday Ibu! 🙂


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