Day 3 we wake up to sunrise. Its not everyday in Singapore we go for sunrise as we are either busy heading to work/school or soundly asleep on our beds. Besides in what I stay in Singapore, I need to get out from my house in order to get a shot of a beautiful sunrise. What can i say that I am living in a building based residential area. 

Finally a hearty breakfast that we can choose as much food from the menu as possible since our room is inclusive of breakfast. And we did have a feast indeed. 

So we started our day with this gentleman giving us a free city tour. Well not city but a Jaisalmer town tour starting with this main Jaisalmer Fort Royal Museum Palace and Heritage Centre. 

Selfie on point at one of the 5 rich brothers of the patwa family gifted by their dad which is preserved and vacant. After which Mr. Kothari took over their havelis as the padwas abandon them as their business in Jaisalmer is not doing well which therefore make the multi story houses called Kothari’s Patwa Haveli a historic moment in Jaisalmer. We then visited a few shops in the area. 

We went back to our hotel for a rest and then off we go with our roadtrip tour to the Thar Desert near the Pakistani Border with Kamal from Kamal’s Private Camel Tour. 

The first stop is a place where the kings and their wifes tombs are. The story which was passed down is the wife of the kings will commit suicide burnt to death if the kings dies first. I cannot imagine if all the women do that for their husbands death so that they could be together. Scary. 

Another stopover where our shoes had to be taken of as we walk through this Jain temple. There is also two kids that will bugged you for items so beware. 

And for the main highlight of the day, camel riding with our camels at the back. I have not ridden a camel before and I cannot expect how is it going to be. 

Indeed camel riding is fun overlooking the spectacular dessert view of Jaisalmer. This is such an awe experience of how simple beauty landscapes works. 

These guys are preparing our dinner starting from scratch on how they started the fire, cutting the vegetables and preparing our food to serve us later. 

The little Adventure does also made it to the Jaisalmer Dessert dipping itself with the sand. That is what 4 of us did sitting down and enjoy the scenic view. 

Sunset at the dessert? I am lucky enough to have this experience watching this view over a hot cup of chai and some fried keropok. 

Dinner was served all vegetarian style. The food was delicious indeed. I think only in India I am able to enjoy being a vegatarian. The food waa great with the company of these 4 friends and the 2 guides over campfire songs. Speaking of which our side of Singapore songs are an absolute epic fail. Oh at night is where some creepy crawlies black bugs start to roam around the dessert sand. They dont bite however I dont want to take the risk of touching them. 

So that is our Day 3 experience. Knowing that we only have 3 days in Jaisalmer. Day 4 Jaisalmer will be the one to watch and enjoy the awe city I love the most throughout the trip. 

Sunday 11th June 2017, 0540hrs


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