Andd my favourite city during the whole city, Jaisalmer. One of the reasons I fell in love with this place is the total change of environment and the hospitality here is number 1. 

A festival ceremony greeted us when we came. It feels like it is welcoming us like that. Everybody is dressed in white with a random orange accesory and some carrying swords. There are drums and loud music as well. 

I think this accomodation is the most heavenly place we stayed throughout the trip. A shoutout to Hotel Garh Jaisal Haveli situated inside the fort with beautiful theme coloured rooms despite not having a tv though but the view outside the window is spectacular. 

Lunch is served at the rooftop and we have butter chicken naans today! Honestly the food was superb and I cannot complain more. The lassi also tasted good and what convinced me to try their lassi is they put that they made/cook with drinking water. Who would not fall for that even if it might not be true but it makes me secure eating/drinking what is served by them. 

Ice cream is like heavenly on a hot and dry season in Jaisalmer. The 25 rupees/ 50 singapore cents mango ice cream was the best ice cream i had here in India. 

We made it to the lake of Jaisalmer: Gadisar Lake. This is where local people hang out I guess in the evenings as we see people sitting around, strolling, feeding fishes, playing cricket at the back field. 

So yeah we sat down and played UNO and we did bring some local people attention tho especially one just came up to talk to us and just made us pack our cards not knowing who won. 

One thing about India is I am actually quite popular unknowingly and it spreaded to my friends too. This group called us from far as they actually wanted a selfie and as usual we thought they wanted money or something with services so we ignore but one of them begged in a way so when they came nearer he asked for the whole group to take a wefie with me first then my friends. Its free for me to share myself with them and I kind of enjoy those moments. I just wish I collate every picture I took though. Well now I know how famous people feel and when you have the fame, share it. 

Sunsets is what we came for here and yes although the picture does not depict the landscape sunset scene as looked from the eyes. I got to say what we capture and what we see might be different. Nonetheless the scene is indeed beautiful. 

We scout for the best place to chill on the night and view the fort at night over the highest spot we can get from the bottom over some chilled drinks and ice cream. Oh and yes the top of the fort on the top left of the picture is where we are staying. By the way, the host of this place called Fort View Hotel is just friendly and more importantly creative with the way the bought ice cream served by taking out the packaging for us and also his storyboard below. 

And with that day 2 Jaisalmer is over with my friends and I having cup noodles for supper below. Oh give me some time to update but surely day 3 Jaisalmer will be up next soon. 

Monday 22nd May 2017 1326hrs q


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