Good Morning! So day one is all on Jaipur, Hotel Abhineet Palace is where we chill the midnight we arrived. The accomodation is not bad for a stayover chill to sleep although it is just a one star hotel. The hotel also provide the taxi transport services to get around for 1000 Rupees (SGD 20ish) for 8 hours. 

Biria Temple looked like a white Palace is a place of an existing worship temple. As we only had 15 minutes here, We did not mamage to go in but just walking towards and around the vicinity. 

Albert Hall Museum is the next monument to be visited next. Oh and yes they have this packaged admission ticket that is inclusive 1000 rupees / adult on 5 selected site visits and 200rupees/student (so you can bring your old student card, the saving is a lot).

Welcome to the Pink City where the ancient historic buildings are. This pink city is preserved in Jaipur and for them pink is a colour of hospitality to welcome all guests. This section is filled with nice older architecture before transiting into the road of the new city. 

In the pink city itself, there is Hawa Mahal. This temple was built by the king for the females to watch the street performances or festivals behind the wall in the temple. 

Shree Sanjay Sharma Museum & Research Institute is an art gallery with an entrance fee of 400 Rupees (SGD 8ish) inclusive of a free guided tour with no cameras and the guide will take you on the whole exhibit so be prepared. 

We go to the opposite to take some pictures. They also sell some things along this area as well. My friends and I did not buy anything also. 

Lunch is Rajasthanis signature which is Thali that consists of bread, rice, vegetable and purees to eat with or dip in. This will be like the typical throughout the trip. 

Next up the iconic forts on Rajasthan the land of kings which is the Amber Fort. We spent the most time here just because it is that huge and many things to see. 

The driver brought us for a few more places but we got so tired i think and all we do is just walking around the premises. Besides, there are nice architectures to look at too. 

The driver also brought us to a couple of factories where they have production of items such as jewelery above, fabric items, leather shoes and what not which I did not rather spend on my first day and save it for the last. 

We went back to the hotel to chill before our train departure at night. We had some paratha and trust me dont go for their pickles, they are sour like i cannot. 

We become just like their locals chilling at the train station waiting for our train to arrive however it was delayed that made us wait even longer. I also noticed locals running for the train and where some cabins are even full. Oh and how inconsiderate the person just sprayed water on people who are sleeping!? I mean come on a little courtesy to inform first will be nice, after all these people are your people arent they? 

So our train came past midnight taking the 2 tier AC night train with each of us on our bed to our next destination Jalsailmer. On the next day 2 post. 

Wedneasday 10th May 2017 1118hrs


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