So I just ended Bangkok like last two days and my work yesterday. It was so exhausting for me when I got home after meeting the bestie too last night for a catchup. 

Currently right now on a Tigerair Flight TR 2624 to Jaipur with a company of 4 including myself. India not a predictable choice but I am sure it will be a great experience. It is a 5 hours and a half and my butt is starting to hurt now as it is 0001hrs of 29th April after departing Singapore with a 15 minutes delay at 2110hrs. I guess some stereotypes do reflect and I would not deny or say anythinymg anywhere. 

Okay hope to start this another chapter starring myself, Radyia and her 2 friends Mariyya and Hafiz. It will be great although India food is a weakness for my stomach. Lets see how the trip will turn out. I will keep you updated. 

Saturday 29th April 2017 0004hrs 


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