This is what I wrote for my resignation last day at M Hotel Singapore. Before I put that, I never thought that this is really bittersweet for me that I am actually leaving a family of colleagues who grew on me over the year and 5 months and how I actually am leaving the job I really love. I guess good things have to let go if things do not work out and another opportunity rises. So thank you to every individual especially my Concierge Team for everything. I am blessed able to cross paths with every single one of you. Besides I stay longer than expected and I told myself I will never leave here for the same industry because I want to explore something else. Peace out 

Dear All,

Before the clock strikes 12, I better write to let you all know that today is my last day working with you guys here at M Hotel Singapore as I’m leaving  to explore a total different industry on logistics under SATS.

While it is hard for me to say goodbye because you guys make me feel home and also I really do love my job, I must appreciate all the good times we have spent working together.

You have all inspired me with your experiences and working styles despite how short or long you have been working here with me. Your kind support and encouragement over the year and 5 months have influenced me to do the best I could and to the best potential I can grow with.

Other than work , I wish to express my profound gratitude to every individual for showing me affection through the year and 5 months.  I’ve learned so much working with each and every one of you. Thanks for instilling in me the spirit of courage, tolerance, and patience not forgeting also the fun, laughs and unforgettable memories I have bond with each of you.

Though it goes without saying, I will miss you all. And I hope we can all keep in touch from time to time. If any of you who wants to talk about anything or whatever under the sun, I am just a number away.

Thanks for all your help and time and everything everything else. Sorry for any inconvenience I have made to any of you too. Once again Goodbye and Goodnight.

From your very own smiley friendly concierge, colleaque, brother and friend,
Nizammmmmm 🙂
27th April 2017 2358hrs


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