The morning was great feeling fresh. A short swim and packup to go back to Bangkok City. We had breakfast at the road side. I was sleepy and Nat notice that and get me to have a nap while he drive us back to Bangkok City safely. After we parted ways at Mo Chit I went back to check in the hotel. And yes what I did was packing first hand when i enter the room. After which just rest before meeting Nat for our last dinner together.

Our last meal together and I would like to take this opportunity to thank this Nat of mine whom I will miss dearly every single time we parted. Thank you for letting me steal you away for a short trip out of Bangkok together. I enjoy every single bit of it and how relaxed the trip was for me. This is like our very first trip spent together and it definitely it wont be the last. I wish you the best for your upcoming dream of getting a PHD in aussie. It will be cool to achieve more than you have now. I will always miss you because you are away and to more visits and trips together. Ohh and not forgetting to say nice to meet you Ms. Pretty eyes who is now currently in India. Billy and Poppy grown so big since the last I saw them. Hang in there for your workplace okay. 

I went back to get my passport holders order and all looked great. Thank you. And whats Bangkok if you did not have your Mangoes. MangoTango Desssert and Durian Chips for me before heading back to the hotel for a soak and friendship issues. 

Friday, 28th April 2017 2343hrs. 



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