I know I cannot post this but Oh once I forget, congratulations for the proposal dinner arrangement last night @ Asiatique. I am glad I was part of it and wish you both the best marriage to come. Breakfast bought that comes with the accomodation was just like this for me. The rest have to be made by order, I did not order any as most of them comes with bacon. 

Im off to the BTS with the free shuttle to the nearest called Chong Nonsi which I will be dropping to Mo Chit to meet Nat for a short trip out of the city. 

Road trips are fun when you are with the right company and congrats that I made it without sleeping because usually for road trip journeys, I always fall asleep. The heat is crazy in Thailand as it was so hot so the Green Tea with milk Blended from Amazon Thaksin Chain was nice. Above was our first stop to a natural place where local people swim and have picnic. This is where Nat made me jumped into the water and I paniced and almost got drowned. He saved me after that. Honestly I am pretty afraid as I do not have a safety net with me when it comes to be in deep waters. Anyway it was fun nonetheless as I do have short talk with some local thais over there. 

This is another one nearby which is quieter however we feel that it is not a good place to have a camp night over so we head to the city with an evening market pitstop to stay in a cheap residence apartment place for the night. Nat also brought me to his friend for Basketball which I ditched throughout watching them play instead. Oh and I kinda have cuts on my left foot too. Basketball playing with the bunch is definitely a no no for me knowing how skillful and fast they are. At least a game of soccer is much of a better sport despite me not a good player myself. I know how much I suck losing at the category word games with Nat which I thought I have it in my pocket. I guess I was wrong. Bought food was nice and accomodation was simple to stay our night for our city sightseeing at Saraburi. 

Friday 28th April 2017 2310hrs


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