Good Morning to a brand new week! This is my second last week of work literally. This is the week to settle as much work items before it is time to say farewell for my last day on the 27th. I will be also clearing my 2 offs and 1 Good Friday over at Bangkok for this weeked covering after Saturday’s Morning Shift to Wednesday’s afternoon shift as well. This week also will be a week where I am having 2 farewell dinners with my colleagues. It is getting real later today that I will be actually leaving to pursue another learning opportunity which I probably going to secure also this week if all goes well. 

17th November 2016: 322/366 Land of Confusion 

Tell us about a time when you felt out of place. 

The times when I actually felt out of place were the times where I was literally felt super awkward and/or uncomfortable that I either want the time to end fast or I just want to get out of here. The question of feeling out of place at that point was “what am i doing here?”. 

Usually when that happens you literally cannot think straight, you just want to get it done fast and get out of that situation. Usually after that then I start to reflect on the situation I have been through and know what I actually learn from that out of place situation. 

The most recent time I actually felt out of place was when I went for a job interview for a logistics industry at the airport. I believed I answered every question well because that is how interviews work is to impress but I was second guessing myself why am I going for this? It becomes out of place the moment I was asked questions that I feel I should not be going for this job but I kept my thoughts and do my best. After all it was a referral job from my cousin at a management level so it is better to leave a good imprint than mess things out. Besides it is an interview, if you get it, you either can sign it or not at the end. 

After the interview ended, I was literally skeptical of myself if this is what I really wanted because this is totally out of my confort zone and not my forte or interest at all. After which when the reflections kept going, the reason I know I felt out of place was because firstly it is an uncertain industry which I have never experience before and I am not confident that I am able to do it or like it. 

However, this is why this type of opportunity comes which is to learn and expand my experience and if I do not enjoy the job, there is always an exit door. Besides, if you never try you never know right? So this coming 19th, if the results are in, I will be able to know if I am given the chance to explore or not. Wish me luck!

Monday 17th April 2017 0643hrs 


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