When it comes to watching Sunrise through a window. It looks like I am watching a full screen TV in HD. Look how breathtaking and beautiful that sunrise is and I am lucky to have that view. 

So yeah the last day here at Saigon Airport Hotel. I guess we really get what we paid for. The place we stayed is budget but too far from where the main city is. However it is really a peaceful and simple place to live in. Thank you for your hospitality. Well the breakfast could be better though and even I cannot eat most of it, at least a proper refill would be nicer to see for my friends to consume. We just go to the nearby market and took Uber to the nearest Big Supermarket to get last minute items before heading back to the hotel to collect back our items and to the airport. 

And we spend every dong we had for our Lunch like literally squeezing everything we had. So yeah that’s our Vietnam trip for the 4 of us. Oh and yes Vietnam for us is just like that horning streets and never ending shopping. It is not that cheap either I would say. Anyway would I come back? Maybe? Well if I were to come back, I definitely going to sightseeing only. No more shopping okay. 

Alright that is the end of our Vietnam Travels. Honestly, we did not do anything much other than shopping and in my opinion if I knew then Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur might be a better choice to go for rather than Vietnam which is further and expensive. However, I have no regrets spending my holidays with them for the very first time. And I guess the next time, we really need to sit down and do itenerary planning if we want to go for further trips. If just nearby to chill then so be it I guess. 

Oh and Happy Vesak Day! 

Friday 14th April 2017 0006hrs


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