There you go, we just hanging out in the city. The same pitstops to fill up our shopping list. Saigon City, Ben Than Market, Central City Walk etc. 

Our last like nice meal of the whole trip at this Nonya Restaurant. I had my last Vietnames Pho here and it was the nicest meal I ever had since the day before when I was sick and cannot consume anything at all. 

So before heading to the night Market at Ben Than, Vinodh suggest we go to another one which is popular among us youngsters. As we reached, the night market does not exist and it seem to be relocated somewhere near the Stadium. Anyway we decide to walk to the Stadium and no it is not there. We ask for directions and people seem to know but we been walking till we even turn a round.  That was a really long walk that all of us just took Uber and went back to Ben Than Night Market. We head to Mccafe to get some drinks too and I had this interesting Lime Smoothie and it was the right choice. 

That is about it. Ben Than Night Market Madness. And we just packed it up on that night with food we get to consume in the hotel. 

Sunday 9th April 2017 0638hrs 


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