Breakfast Spread for a 3 Star Hotel at Cantho is the best one we ever had. The rooms are also the best we ever stayed through our trip. The swimming pool was great too. Bad points about Cantho is there is no halal food around and it is pretty nothing much can be done. Also we did not plan on proper what is nice to be done there. The floating market only operates on the morning and that is about it. Night markets is just like that there so as the spas and shopping centres  I would say Cantho for us is a nice getaway of basically to chill from all those shopping in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Oh boy the ride back to Ho Chi Minh City is the most painful one ever just because I urgently needed a toilet plus a debative conversation. The bumpy ride does not help either. Apparently I was not the only one, Shanky was also feeling the torture like I do. And the announcement came, it was in Vietnamese but I knew it is the pitstop. Relieved!

We are back in HCMC and back to the Airport Saigon Hotel. While Vinodh and Shaheed went to gym, Shanky and I went to survey the Handicraft Market which was eventually closed at nightfall. We try Queency bubble tea which is normal and off to the temple. 

Shanky wanted to go to the temple and it is opportunity to actually experience and learn about other religion perform in another country. I ask Shanky if the practices are similar in Singapore. She said it is slightly different on how things are performed here. I took a walk around while Shanky perform here prayers. I guess it is interesting how the same religion perform differently on different grounds. On my side of my religion, like they say putting every nationality to perform prayers and you get to see the different patterns but at the end it is to the same God, Allah. 

The nigh market at Ben Than never gets old, souveniurs, fabric, clothing, bags, shoes, chips, nuts, coffee, etc. You basically can shop till you drop here and you can bargain as low as possible and you get what you wanted. That night was the worst night I ever had, my tummy hurts like crazy, it is pain like gastric but also nurse Shanky said it might be urine infection too due to holding on for too long. Nonetheless, it was so painful that I cannot take it and I cannot walk well too. The pain even got me straight till I ended the night. Thank you to Shanky for the medication and oilment and Shaheed and Vinodh for taking care of me. I guess it sucks to be in pain or sick while on holiday huh. 

*update I attended an interview yesterday for Trainee Cargo Officer. It felt so out of place for me during the interview despite showcasing that I am willing to give it a go. I have till 19th to think whether I should confirm and sign up for it. It screams no but just maybe it might work. Only God knows. Nonetheless Happy Friday. Counting down days to the end date. Woohhoo. 

Friday 7th April 2017 0638hrs 


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