The hotel with pool, of course I will utilise it not forgetting shameless selfies of myself on Instagram. Anyway, today we are heading to the floating market apparently close to the afternoon. 

And so we got to rent a big boat with driver at VND 600000 *SGD 37.50 for 2 full hours. Apparently, the floating market has ended? Hahaha as everywhere is basically packing up and boating away soon. Since the market is basically has nothing left to experience or see, we round about the neighbourhood and the river. Shaheed and Vinodh also get to drive this boat. Halfway through, I needed the toilet so all I did was sit still and be quiet and just do not think much about it. 

As we reach mainland, I literally need the toilet asap so we walk around to look for one and also a place to eat too. As Can Tho has no halal food options, we head to Pizzahut having mainly seafood Pizza and Pasta and Fries for Shaheed and I. Oh yes there is a toilet too. Thats a relief!. 

As there is literally nothing else to do, we head to the mall. We then decided to do Movie. Yes Movie on Holiday. That is really a relax with nothing much to think or do kind of holiday. We watch Kong and it was good. I enjoyed the movie although the first part it was a sleepy one as I doze off a bit. 

And I bought myself a shirt in the mall. It was nicely patterned that it is hard to miss. In addition, it will be nice on for the festive season Hari Raya. Plus it is green. We also go for grocery shopping and head to the Post Office to get stamps for my postcards which arent here yet in Singapore by the way.

We then use the pool together and gosh I just found out a split personality from Shaheed. Who is this person at the pool guys? Of course I been annoying him a lot hahaha. We then had our groceries bought for our dinner and afterwards is sleeping time for all of us. That is day 4 for me. An update been scanning through jobs and applying too. I believe it will be nice to go for more challenges and not just on your comfort level. I am still young and if trying out another totally different industry, why not? Besides with the conflict of interest happening, I rather stay out of it. Have a great week!

Monday 3rd April 2017 1353hrs. 


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