And now we have day 3. We managed to store our luggages at the hotel as we are coming back to stay. We head straight forth to the bus station and off to cantho at VND 100000 (SGD 7)per person for this 3hrs sleeping bus. When we first came into the bus, I was surprised on how the arrangement was like and was excited  because it was my first time. 

The ride was smooth enough that we reach Can Tho safely. Can tho do not have uber nor grab services so we do depend on their taxis. We took the taxi all the way to our check in hotel @ Anh Dao Mekong Hotel 2. Not the first one ya. 

We then head off to find lunch/dinner at the city area. We seem to be living far away from the central area. We spent so much time to find a halal food outlet and honestly there is not even one. This is definitely not a place for me. Well at least while walking we do explore nice places no?

Kfc is our dinner option at the end and sides will be what I order for that night. We then walk over to Cantho Night Market. 

It feels more like Singapore Pasar Malam but categorise into clothing bags and things one side and another side is food. I wanted to eat their pancake but my apetite just died when I saw pork floss. 

Baskin Robbins is what I needed after those walks. Price is about the same actually. Oh wells at least we still have Ice Cream. Well just me and Shanky. Afterwards we had a massage. It is pretty different but still good. Thats Day 3! And oh I have done it. No regrets. Counting down. 

Friday 31st March 2017 0019hrs.


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