Day 2 started off with breakfast that is yah nothing much like literally. Breakfast spread is really err no comment but what to expect on a 3 star hotel right?

We start off with Saigon Square which is a just like our mini Bugis Village or Bangkok’s Pratunam Platinum Mall. They have bags, wallets, clothing, handphone cases and what not. This is a perfect and much better to shop than the hard sellers over at Ben Than Market which honestly marked up price much higher than this place. Here we even get to bargain. Of course if you buy more, they will give you a wholesale price even. 

We head again to Ben Than Market to get mummy children a set of Vietnamese Pair of Traditional costumes that cost a total about 34 dollars plus it is fixed price. 

Lunch we walked over to Serai Restaurant which we found and walked past the other day. Food was not bad and I get my Avacado Smoothie and of course I always go for Vietnamese Pho. 

After a restful time back to our hotel, we roam the streets of our neighbourhood and also District 1 to find a cheap tailor to make us some nice shirts. My friends want to make suits too. For the suits apparently we expect to be cheaper as our budget is for SGD 100 but apparently is pretty expensive and they keep quoting us in US Dollars. The cheapest is US 150 to 300 dollars. 

So tonight’s dinner we go Indian Cuisine and as my tummy and indian gravy spices result me in having diarrhea the next day, I try not to eat any. The Naan we ordered was soooo goood. Gosh eating just the Naan itself was so yummy and that was all I had but I still have an upset stomach the next day. Meh. 

We ended the night with walking the streets of District 1 where the lights bring out the atmosphere of Ho Chi Minh City. Here we see the number of young chaps like us sitting around hanging out. That was it Day 2. Another post for the rest of the days. Since I am back, Do expect not much though because we did not do much Sightseeing anyway. And an update ever since I was back, it been a busy alone shifts with helps from my other department colleagues. Well that already sums up what is coming. 

Thursday, 30th March 2017, 0849hrs 


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