Good Morning from Ho Chi Minh City! Day 1 for my friends and I is kind of interesting. Here what happens was we have a morning flight via Tiger Air scheduled at 0735hrs for departure from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh city. I did not manage to sleep so I was kinda zombified. Anyway my grabhitch request work so I got a driver responded at 0358hrs saying he can make it with his crossroad charged at only SGD 16 plus SGD 20 for each stop which in total is SGD36!? How can we get such a good deal  for 4 pax with luggages. We were lucky.

After we check in our luggages combined with just nice 40kg, we had mac breakfast. I bought the bundle A and the wrap was not that good for me. Afterwhich we forget about the wifi rental at the departure hall that we have to sprint to Terminal 1 transit area for the rental and with all that effort, it is out of stock. Lucky for us we managed to board the plane before the gate closes. 

So yeah I found an occassion for this tshirt to wear to. Anyway after a flight of 1 hr 45 mins, we landed safely. My friend got his Visa ready and we cleared immigration. We bought the SIM card with unlimited data for 220000 Dong about SGD 15 which is much cheaper than the rental wifi which is 5 dollars a day i think. 

Uber seems to be the best transporr option for us to move around the city and we also be generous and give much more than stated. We drop off our luggages at the hotel and we roam around the streets.

We walk aimlessly from the hotel to find out what is available around. Tan Binh District is more towards the residential area as we passed by local markets and locals just around looking at us when we walk like we were aliens. We walk till we saw a shop called Master C, went in look around and grab an Uber to Ben Thant Market. 

We were hungry so we were finding for some food to eat lunch first. Google our best friend brought us to Kampung Daun Restaurant which is more towards the Malaysian Cuisine. We had seafood and total costs about SGD 55. Well that is the same price back in Singapore. 

Ben Thant Market is a maze full of shops. I think due to the touristy kind of place of attraction, this place does not work for people who could not bargain as firstly prices here are so marked up and these people are hard sellers. That being said there are shops that are fixed price which is less of a headache. I did not buy anything as I was just surveying.. We went back after roundings. Shanky and Shaheed even caught up with a really hard seller who makes a scene why never buy after enquiring. Now that is annoyingly scary. 

We came back for check in and stayed in till evening and basically again walk around the neighbourhood and in search for dinner of course. Google brought us to this Sate House Malaysian Restaurant. Well the food was alright or maybe I am just sleepy to not finish my fried rice. The satay is not bad too. Again the price in total.for that night is about SGD 47. Similar or a bit expensive too. 

Anyway that is day 1 post. Just chilling and getting to know Ho Chi Minh City just like that. Nothing much for day 2 too but that will be a separate post. 

21st March 2017 Tuesday 0548hrs


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