Good Morning yesterday was my superman day for me as I am alone for the shift but it is okay this is not the first time anyway. Today will be better. So this post will be showcasing what is done for the last day. 

Breakfast spread was really good. Room is modernly designed. I would like to thank Ibis Styles Jakarta Sunter for the short sleep stay. Other amenities includes the gym, in house spa/massage and an upcoming in progress swimming pool. I also stumble a shuttle to certain malls which is good because of the location. 

Yoan and I decided to go for a massage. Initially wanted to go for the in house but they have only one masseur so we source outside and Nest was the pick. It was worth it as we took the 2hr package of 1hr massage that was grueling pain but good. 30minit body scrub and 30minit body mask which was refreshingly good that last the whole day. Thank you Nest!

Lunch was just next door for us at Sate Khas Restaurant. We ordered as usual a little too much sharing appetizer, ikan bakar gurame and sate ayam. Their avacado juice is too sweet for me to handle. 

That was all for me as I did not get to meet any of my other friends at Jakarta also due to some reasons and their work schedule. Besides, I do not want to miss my flight so I left much earlier to the airport to escape the peak hour jam. At the airport to chill and a venti green tea latte at Starbucks before my flight back home which was smooth and reach faster than usual. 

Alright guys time for work for me to start. Good Morning and TGIF! Weekend family starts earlier this month too as my siater family are already over at my place last night. 

Friday 17th March 2017 0653hrs


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