Hello I am currently on my flight back home and I am not really sleepy at the moment so will update on the last few days. So the last day in Yogyakarta got me and Yopan lazing could not believe that reality will bite us back soon but life goes on so its a shopping day for us!

Srumpy croissant thingy with flavour filings is our first stop and Yopan got it for his friend. As for me I would love to but I could not as it only lasts for 3 days and by the time I come back, it will be the last day to finish all plus it would not be fresh. I do however bought for Mr Frans and his team for their warm hospitality and so as Mas Satria for his patient and service to us throughout our stay. 

Jogja Lens have been the best rental idea for this trip as it made me rent a camera and capture so many moments and it is worth it with the price rental that was available. Thank you for giving me the chance to share the travel moments captures with all my friends and family. I will definitely make a stop to your shop the next time to rent the mirrorless Sony camera if I do not own one by the time i get there. 

Pasar Berharjo the next stop to get snacks. A good place to shop if your bargaining skills are good. If you do not like to bargain and would like to go for quality items then head opposite to Hamzah Batik where quality and prices do not dissappoint. 

Lunch right back to Solaria Cafe at Malioboro Mall where I go for Fish and Chips that the Fish apparently too oily for my liking tho. I also got the Moichi Ice Cream for 3 at 10k. Are you kidding me? Good stuffs at this price cannot get at Bugis Mochi Ice Cream Place. Their Moichi sets also so cheap. This is very Instagram worthy but it would not last long even i bring it back. Again it wont be nice and fresh. 

Packing the shoppings into our bags at Alamanda. Despite the two star bed and breakfast Villa. It is worth the price and hospitality. We didnt have much time to really interacted with the staff there but we do feel welcomed. Even the people who lives there are nice people who greet each other. The saltwater indoor pool is the bonus. Bugs are expected and nature sounds too at night. Anyway I would definitely come back here with my mummy. Thanks Mr Frans and team for your hospitality and to Mas Satria for your service and patience in making our travel plans a reality. 

The train ride economically is really a humbling experience that I would take the last time. It is too local for me to handle. Next time stick to Business and Executive trains. There was also a delay back to Jakarta approximately an hour plus.

Upon Arrival, i got a scare as the hotel pre booked cancelled my reservation through email that I did not make. Anyway lucky when we arrived the room is still available, if not I will be pretty upset. 

Alright reaching Singapore in 15 minutes. Till the last post on my last day in Jakarta! Oh yes my shift was changed to morning tomorrow and that shows I need to reach home fast to have enough sleep for later. ZZZZ

Tuesday 14th March 2017 2208hrs 


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