Our last sightseeing day for our amazing Yogyakarta Trip. So we head to the long and winding journey to the most one and only beautiful beach I ever seen in Yogyakarta. Gesing beach is like a movie scene that is so perfect to witness and if you actually take a video where the surroundings are still and the only thing is the waves moving. An animated painted scenery you would not regret. 

Next up a not so popular temple called Plaosan. It is an off side by a small distance that should not be missed if you are heading to Prambanan. Side track to Prambanan Museum where we actually the original layout of Plaosan, it is actually very beautiful especially how the layout is if it is still perfect and not run down. 

Prambanan Temple another iconic historic place of Yogyakarta that I am blessed I was able to pay a visit. I love how the architecture and layout of the 5 standing temples. 

Dinner at Rosella got to be the most nicest dinner ambience ever. It is surrounded by rice fields and the food is actually worth not bad. We choose the 20 dishes layout and yes some of which we cannot finish especially the vegetables. Overall it was a nice tasty dinner that you should visit if you are around the area. 

Thats Day 5 in Yogyakarta. Not forgetting we head to the Bakpia outlet Yogyakartas signature delicacy that will last you for sbout 10 days. I bought the mix ones so that it is easier for me to give people. Currently now in the train back to Jakarta. On to the next post!

Monday 13th March 2017 2014hrs


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