Good Morning People! Selamat Pagi Yogyakarta and back home Singapore! So this post will be covering Day 3 Yogyakarta Day 4 Indonesia. We started early yesterday morning waking up at 0330hrs, breakfast 0430hrs and leave the accomodation at 0500hrs. 

Kebun Buah Mangungan is our first stop to catch sunrise and the fog however to get there, there are so many slopes, twists and turns that we get lost. At the end sunrise beat us before we get there however we still have these small clouds groups of fog still available for us to enjoy. 

Next up is Gunung Api Purba. This is not for those who have no willpower to perservere up to the top. It is more of a rock hill than a volcano because of the non existed crater and there are just so many ancient big huge rocks that made up this hill. It might be quite challenging so brace yourself because I have made it up to the top. Oh and bring water please. 

Next is Sri Gerhuk Waterfall. This attraction is a water based activity so do sure bring along your extra clothing. It is mainly a huge waterfall down  by the river. It is a nice place to just chill and take a dip into with your life vests. There is also jump spots you can do into these waters. It is worth for people who just want to have fun and be free from all stress especially one of the jumps from a particular height. We went by this transport thing to the main playing area and come back swimming to where we start from. 

So thats day 4 for me. My shoes are going to break and thank goodness it didn’t. Now currently on my way to the start of day 5 activity. Till the next post. And I am in love with the below self potrait of me picture. Hqppy Sunday

Sunday 12th March 2017 0755hrs 


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