And day 3 in Yogyakarta got me visiting to a few interesting places yesterday. First up right after breakfast at Frans, we head to Sungai Mundal. It is basically a whole stream of waterfall down with spots to take photos and have a dip too. The water is natural therefore it is refreshing. As it is a journey downstream, do get ready to climb down and back up those steps. 

Ū7 after that we head to Kedung Pedut, another waterfall place but this one you need to hike your way around to get to the main waterfall. We never had time to take a dip because we already had one earlier and we want to make it for Friday Prayers. We did made it to Friday Prayers at a very local kampung kind of neighbourhood mosque. It was so local that it was a different kind of experience. Besides the prayers are all the same. We also head to the kampungs food place for lunch. 

Next up was Kalibiru, another highland of yogyakarta specifically for its scenic background. Over here you have various options to either have your own spots to take photos or pay for the various photo spots. I guess this is how they get their income for maintaining the attraction place. 

Next up will be an early Dinner at Kalimilk which beverages is famous for its milk. I had Banana one Special Huge Size. I think it is nice also because I love Bananas with milk. I ate their honey chicken with Black Pepper and it was delicious as well. 

As usual Alamanda Sunset view never fails when we got back. Alright that is all for Day 3. DAY 4 is full of trekking and adventure and that will be the next post. Currently on the way to pitstop to get some things before heading back to the villa. Till the next post!

Saturday 11th March 2017 1653hrs 


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