Good Morning Yogyakarta! Day 2 went pre988tty well, its a slow relax day for me. We kick on by checking in to the Villa after a pickup from the train station. Breakfast was ready for us when we reach and we met the owner Frans whom is a nice friendly person who welcome guests like his own friends. He showed us Villa Room 9 of where we will be living for the next few days. 

Gereja Ayam our first Sightseeing Destination. Ticket cost IDR 10000 SGD 2 per entry and yes it is used to be a church in the past. Now it is just a conservatory area preserving this unique archictecture. This church is really high actually with the number of steps to get the crown. The view is priceless. We had coconuts afterwards and to get here be prepared for about 15 minutes hike up. 

Borobudur Finally here I come for you. 3rd time visit finally a visit here. The luck for an Indonesian face helps to get the local price of a IDR 30000 SGD4. The fact that this temple is historic and architectural is worth the visit. It is really huge for just one temple. No wonder this place is one of nature wonders of the world. 

Back to the Villa, sunset is just right outside our place facing the west. I chill a bit while Yopan went to swim at the saltwater. I wanted to but I wanna rest more. 

The house of Raminten for dinner. Place was popu prices were reasonable. Foos was alright too. And yes the Avacado is the bomb. 

So yeaap day 2 went great. Today was not bad also so far. I will update today on another post. To granny, hope your feet get well soon okay. 🙂

Friday 10th March 2017 1322hrs


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