Woohoo finally my holidays streak has started and yes what is always best to explore Indonesia ya? Lets start the journal shall we?

Depart Singapore at 1825hrs via TR2272 and as usual I did my own shopping at the transit area, perfume is a must and my daim chocolates too. Eating in also is a must even it is just snacks Old Chang Kee and Yakun Kaya Toast Bread. Tigerair will be my flight choice for my next few trips and it seems easy and fast too for check in, during the flight and post flight. Landed Jakarta safely before the estimated time and this time I remember my phone password, where to head to and the luggage pickup was faster than before. Oh yes I forget to mention Dico was apparently on this flight back home so yeah I got a friend throughout my sleeping flight. 

Dico was nice enough to drop me off at the station on the way home with Go Car just like our Grab or Uber. Thank you Dico for the dropoff and take good care ya. Be positive. Lucky enough for me there was no jam at all. I manage to reach Pasar Senen Station way before intended and met my travel buddy Yopan for this whole trip. I would say this is the most local I ever felt as the train station is filled with many people unlike the business and exec classes at those premium stations I took before on my previous trip via trains. 

Here I am Day 2 with that sunrise view. The train Progo to Yogyakarta again was really economical and local like experience. Its 0624hrs and we are reaching our station soon. On a side note back home, granny got admitted again when I reach Jakarta last night due to germ infection. Hope she gets better soon. 

Thursday 9th March 2017 0626hrs 


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