20th and 21st Feb, the feb babies of my aunt and cousin respectively. My wish to my aunt may she gain more knowledgeable things, she has displayed what we called learning have no age limits, learn while you still living; live long learning.

To my cousin Haziqah, no matter how much I support your decision on what you are doing, I actually have no idea how this Business thing will work out actually at the end. Oh wells jiayou then! May you find your next chapter filled with more exciting stories to tell. 

13th November 2017: 318/366 Non-Regional Diction

Write about whatever you’d like, but write using regional slang, your dialect, or in your accent.

I just did above. Hmm I think I always try my best to use proper English as possible. Actually I do not really notice sometimes, words just come out naturally for me.

Writing wise it seems way easier because if the sentence sounds sensible even full of grammatical errors, the message sent across is good enough. Speaking wise I do actually have to form sentences in my head first. People forget I actually stutter. Hello. 

I realise I pick up slangs, dialects and accents of others along the way and yes I do have an accent while talking to guests at work or like an interview or something because you are representing your best so you kind of need to sound like your best too. 

Anyway as usual #lateforwork. Good Morning Tuesday! Meeting bestie later after work for some watercolour picnic bonding time. Oh yes all the best for your Interview Aisyah!

Tuesday 21st February 2017 0649hrs 


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