January have been an intense interesting tiring start. So here is a recap of what is going on last month and what is updated right now. 

1. It is Radyia Birthday Month so as usual our  Birthday rituals to have each other out to celebrate birthdays together. Radyia Advanced Birthday Plan did not went as planned due to the weather but we really have a full day of non stop eating. The best part is all the places we ate was my first time as well. I am sure she enjoyed her eating session day and her present as well. Encik Tan, Arteastiq and Monopoly Deal conquering 4 to 1, Shopping spree at Daiso and Spotlight, Cajun on Wheels Dinner and Lastly La La Land Movie. We have another meetup to catchup over Four Fingers and Lady M as well because she wants to pass me her souveniurs. Getting jobs is really hard this period so I hope she peservere applying and hope somebody hire her soon. Jiayou! Oh and not forgetting interesting confessions and approach. Looking forward to India!

2. Catchups never been better last month, met Hiro for a Chinese New Year Experience. My first time to go to their Bazaar and it was really crowded. We went touristy as usual to Marina Bay Area. Royz Ve Tous never fails to dissappoint their pricy worthy food. Oh and yes visited the Peranakan Museum as well. 

3. Another catchup is with my Thai Troubles Aisyah and Saf and yes dinner over hawker food Phad Thai and Satay is the best combination I can get at Seah Imm Food Centre for Dinner. All 3 of us seems to be having withdrawal systoms from out first full time job and yes if it is meant to move on. We will find something better as happiness comes first then work. Oh and Bali looks so good for Mr and Mrs Omare 😉

4. My sec school friends catchup would not happen if everybody makes time and 3 of us did. Vinodh finishing his NS soon and Shanky just like me is struggling with work. Shaheed is back as well. As usual all we do is Eat. From some place at Bukit Batok NS to Gelato Milk and Honey to Seoul Garden Clementi and Rex Bukit Batok Chicken Rice. And they went for shopping as well. Update on the March Thailand Phuket Bangkok Trip, Shanky unable to make it because we unable to get another girl to go. So we going to postppone that trip to when Shanky is ready. The rest of the guys are planning a guys trip Vietnam Ho Chi Min City. Flight tickets are booked for me and Vinodh. We are waiting for Shaheed to book by 15 feb according to him. We yet to plan our itenerary. Hopefully Shaheed is able to go or else the plan will be from 4 to 2 people. Oh wells at Least looking forward to a Vietnam first trip in March!

5. Family is prominent last month because Granny had a fall and she fractured her left eye. Thank goodness everything was fine and she have to go through a theraphy rehab on top of that. So Ng Teng Fong Hospital seems to be a stopover each single time. As of today 2nd February, she is now home and well. She was discharged yesterday and I would like to thank to all who prayed for her speedy recovery. This year Rasyiqah’s 3rd birthday barbeque celebration have to be cancelled. Her birthday was a small one of just us family over cake with granny at the hospital and a treat to Seasonal. She loves her monkey too. I had a date night with mummy as well over Macdonalds and Mulan the Musical in Chinese thanks to concierge map sg for offering their complimentary tickets. The musical was not bad despite in chinese and having to read the English subtitle. As the barbeque was postponed to this month and granny is back. We will look forward to a family and friends gathering barbeque on my next family weekend celebrating Feb birthdays as well. Oh and I am waiting for my mummy to have our short break to Jogja for March Holidays with a friend of mine Yopan from Jakarta amd of course I will have a stopover at Jakarta as well to catchup friends I missed. 

6. Work have been full of interesting things as well. Many already knew that I am leaving soon this year. How much I would love to stay, the 6 days work week have taken its toll on me and besides there is nothing left for me to look forward too. I am starting to feel unappreaciated to how much effort work I put in and with so much words and no action makes me feel so restless because there is no more challenge or drive for me to continue. On top of that despite my team do not give me any problems under my care, I seem to not be a fit leader apparently. On a side note, Mervyn have left the team in order to do something better as school is starting soon. This colleague and friend of mine have been my listening ear and bravery push to go forth with my decisions no matter what others say and yes it shows how much you have improved over the four months. You have proven many you are worth having after all. I am proud to say my believe in you is worth it. All the best for your next chapter Mervyn! Well as of now one down team member means if any of us on leave, we have to work hard. 

Alright thats a long update on January. As February will be a short month with exact 4 weeks. I am looking forward to the exciting pages on my Feb chapter 2017..

Thursday 2nd February 2017 1414hrs 


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