Firstly Happy Birthday to my neighbour Asyiqin and my ex neighbour Aidil. All of them have grown into young adults. Look how time really flies.

1st November 2016: 306/366 Eat, drink and be merry…

…for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow! Tell us about your last dinner – the food, your dining companions, the conversation.

Yesterday the #thaitroublesreunited over Phad Thai and Satay at Seah Imm Foodcourt. Looks like all of us find our first full time job have taken its time and toll. 

NEA needs to come and visit Seah Imm Food Centre befor the place infested with rats. I saw 2 big fat rats running. One of them I saw it clearly like it ran stop and turn around. It looks like the movie Ratatouie. Grey and long and fat. The other one just ran into the stall. Everybody who seen it just froze. 

Tonight will be another meetup session last one for the week with Radyia. We are going to have sushi and probably a must dessert to go along. 

18th January 2017 1038hrs


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