Finally I am on a Mid Shift but I am going to be slightly late late late for work. Today I am going to meet the thaitroubles after work for another catchup dinner and we are going for local hawker Seah Imm Food Centre and yes I am looking forward to the Thaksin Phad Thai! Yummy. 

31st October 2016: 305/366 Halloweeny!

If bloggers had their own Halloween and could go from blog to blog collecting “treats,” what would your blog hand out

My blog probably will handout an all truth live question meaning anybody is welcome to ask anything they want live online. Offline wise would probably be a visit to your blog and probably a follow if I enjoy the content. 

Bonus is coming up soon on the 20th and up on my shopping list are as follows:

1. March Thai Trip – This got to happen one way or another at the last 2 weeks of the month. Plane tickets needs to be bought and accomodations needs to be booked. I am looking at my first delayed group of secondary school friends overseas trip to both Bangkok and Phuket between 20 to 26 March. I just might extend but well we see how our plan finalise at the end. Most to most just a Malaysia trip next door or if really cannot then a staycay? We see how things go then. 

2. Postponed Barbeque Gathering – As grams is still in hospital means my niece birthday barbeque this weekend got to be cancelled and celebrate at the hospital instead. We will probably get food  items instead for a mini celebration with grams for my niece. Well our portable barbeque bought would not go to waste so we will plan a Feb Birthday Barbeque Gathering for my cousin and aunty. Looking forward. 

3. Miscelleneous – I probably be saving what is left for anything else needed for myself. I do not want anything at the moment. I just need a holiday. 

17th January 2017 1055hrs


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