Firstly thank you Milo for the treat today and the Vietnam souveniurs. This is the first time I have seen somebody used Android Pay in real life which my friend did which was prettt cool. 

30th October 2016: 304/366 Free to be Me

What’s the character trait you admire the most about yourself?

I think the most admirable character trait I have is the positive attitude I have towards life. I hardly have grudges or long anger nor sadness in me. I am pretty cool and keep looking on the bright side. However some things really no choice, they must end. 

Forgiveness is another best character trait I absolutely love about myself because I believe I have no authority to punish or make a revenge to another person. Besides in order to gain forgiveness for yourself, you have to learn to forgive first. 

Last but not least my million dollar smile. My smile hardly is erasable. I have a default smile face as well. One of my guest called me Mr. Happy Guy. That makes me smile even more. 

16th January 2017 2342hrs


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