Good Morning to a brand new week and day number 6 of 11 for me. Today I was supposed to be scheduled for midshift but since one of my men will be on medical leave today. My shift turned to Afternoon instead and my dinner appointment today have been changed to lunch instead. 

Last Saturday, I went out with my secondary school mates to seoul garden Clementi and we ate till we were bloated and afterwards we went to shop at Jems where yea many others to were shopping for Chinese New Year as well. I did not buy anything but both my friends Vinodh and Shanky did. 

Yesterday I met another friend for a catchup as well and we went to the busy streets festive Chinatown. The crowd is real here selling food stuff, chinese new year decor and what not. Afterwards we had dinner at Royz Ve Tous. It never fail to be tasty like the last time. Then it was a walkathon through Raffles Place and Marina Bay. Thanks Hiro for the halal certified chips from Japan. 

Later today I am going to have a lunch catchup with Milo over Vietnamese So Pho. Looks like I am having a different cuisine everyday. Woohoo to food addicts like me. I have 2 more catchups to go over the next 2 days. 

Monday 16th January 2017 1136hrs


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