Just an update that my grandmother looks better. She also moved to the Rehab Ward next door. This is where her theraphy for her walking starts. Hopefully she can hurrily be better and just maybe we do not have to celebrate my niece birthday celebration in the hospital next week.

 26th October 2016: 300/366 Breakdown

Tell us about a habit you’d like to break. Is there any way it can play a positive role in your life?

Having habits can be both a good or a bad thing. Of course we would like to completely stop those bad habits because it usually does not play a significant positive role in my life. 

I would like to decrease the friendliness in me because I realise that I cannot seem to be friends with every single person. I cannot completely stop because that is part of my character.

Besides my simply best shows that I am not strong enough? Well let see how I will excel in my next phase. It will be though to start over but that is life if you want something better. Nothing comes easy. I am having a breakdown moment right now. Broken. 

Friday 13th January 2017, 0021hrs 


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