Oh my gosh I am soooo sleeeppppyyy. Zzzzzzz. Okay so today I was suppose to go for the recruitment drive for Sofitel City Centre at Tanjong Pagar but as my grandmother is still in hospital. She is getting better by the way, I decided to skip the recruitment drive. She will be there for another 2 more weeks so that is my like visit stops. 

25th October 2016: 299/366 Simply the Best

NASA is building a new Voyager spacecraft that will carry the best of modern human culture. What belongs onboard?

If we want to be practical, it have to be tons of books because technology might not even work to whereever we are. People who are knowledgeable and skillful also are a plus point. 

However I am more of an emphathetic in character so I am guessing this Voyager aircraft is large enough to fit everyone and and as much of useful things needed. 

Okay lets divert to simply the best. I declare, learn with no more positivity and realise that no matter how simply the best effort I give in this place, I will never get it from a genuine place. Enough said it is not worh the stay. 

Thursday 12th January 2017 0025hrs 


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