So I did it. It was a hard reaction to take though for someone who have been throughout and somebody who is not but that should not change my judgement. 

22nd October 2016: 296/366 Sand but True

Tell us about the harshest, most difficult to hear — but accurate – criticism you have ever gotten. Does it still apply?

The hardest most difficult criticism I ever gotten is I am not strong enough but it is true but not very accurate. I am a very flexible person meaning that yes if there is a good reason and does not cause any trouble, I probably will let you off. If there are mistakes and you know what you have done wrong, it is reasonable for the first time to let you go. I am a person who tells you things and not instruct you on what to do because no matter how much of a position I am, I want things to be equal and I want to be a part of a teamplayer as well because I want the experience as well. 

I never regret the way I do things because I know in the end it will benefit me in a way. I will eventually get to learn and gain something. 

I am not sure what is my next chapter be in but it is sure going to be in a 5 day work week environment. A 48 hours worth of break is what I needed each week which sadly it would not be happening here anytime soon. Gosh I even had an argument earlier just because I am working afternoon shifts that do not allow me to do some things. 

Saturday 7th January 2017 1417hrs 


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