Honestly, I did change my response today because I do not want to sound that my situation and the environment is that bad because it is not that horrible. 

20th October 2016: 294/366 Release Me

Tell us about the blog post you were most nervous to publish – and what it was like to set it free.

I will make this post the most nervous to publish because I am expressing my job fatique. It comes to my attention that people realises how tired I am becoming with my job. 

To make the above clear, I actually love my job dealing with guests because I really like this service field. Giving my upmost service and making sure the guest get what they come for and ending with a smile or a thank you is the best appreaciation I could ever ask for but it is just the environment does not give me the motivation to continue. I felt I am working more than what I am supposed to be paid for plus 6 days a week is really taking my life away. I am turning 25 and this routine I am engaging is not healthy for me to go through with. 

There you go, I said it. I am grabbing whatever opportunity is coming on my way right now. I even had a brief conversation with a guest today about our careers. 

He ask me this question “Are you happy with your job? *I nodded* Because I have been working in my field for 12 years with the high pay but it is not what I wanted. *awkard silence till the lift came* How old are you? Single or kids? *I replied I am 24 and single* You are still young so if you feel this is not for you or the environment does not give you enough credit for your work. Go grab something better. No job is perfect, everywhere has its pros and cons. *i nodded in agreement* You have a million dollar smile you know so do not let anyone take that away from you. Be free.” *I thank the guest for his advice as this is what I needed today* He replied “No, thank you for great service. I just give you some life experience sharing. Thats all. ” He then ask for some directions and we parted ways at the lobby. 
Wednesday 4th January 2017 2348hrs 


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