Overall, today did not go according to plan but well we always seem to be on impromptu thinking plans. Coney Island did not happen as weather did not allow us to and Flavour Flings closed every Tuesday. So this is what we did today:

We started with Encik Tan @Jcube for Brunch at 1030am in the morning and the weather was great by the way. This was my first time having Encik Tan Noodles and it costs just 6 Dollars for a bowl of noodles and a lime juice or Ice Lemon Tea drink. I had their Signature Noodle which is not bad. 

We then head straight to Punggol. Upon arrival at Punggol, dark clouds came and it starts to drizzle. We then head to Plan B which is indoor activities. What else if it is not food!? We also slot a movie in it. 

So we went for High Tea at Artistique Plaza Singapura as it is not halal certified, there was no signs of pork or lard in the menu so we just took their 48 dollars for 2 pax and exchange the duck for more salmon. There was also no signs of alcohol in their high tea set as well. It is a very nice ambience to be in while catching up and playing (dominating 3 to 1 in Monopoly Deal). 

We then head to Golden Village to select a movie between Why Me? Or La La Land. We head for La La Land starting at 1830hrs. Before the movie its Spotlight and Daiso and as usual I went shopping. 

Dinner was as Cajun on Wheels. Yes this is also my first time. I did not know what to expect actually. We tried the Salted Egg Yolk. The smell is promising but the taste is lack of a punch. It is too faint but we managed to finish the seafood nonetheless. 

La La Land is an interesting musical movie and yes it is really a dreamy movie and it is full of message and relations for sure. Chase for your dreams and people will understand you no matter what happens. 

Thats my day out with Radyia for her advanced 24th birthday. Hope she likes the presents and a well spent day. To Radyia, All the best for your job interview tomorrow and looking forward to Indiaaaa. 

3rd January 2017 2312hrs 


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